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As I started my 2018 career sabbatical and enumerated the significant chapters of my life so far, the sabbatical period happened to come out as the 12th chapter, and hence the internet domain name. There was no greater meaning intended beyond this accounting; however, it did not go unnoticed that the number 12 figures prominently in the Bible and other religious texts, in the number of months in the Western calendar, and in the hours of the night and day—and I took this to be an auspicious sign regarding the importance of the time away from a “normal” job.

To learn more about my professional journey, you may download this one-page summary of my career maze, which is intentionally not focused on accomplishments in the sense of a resume but instead illuminates the decision points and paths taken, or not taken, along the way in my journey. To learn more about my sabbatical interests and knowledge discoveries refer to this Mega Resource List.

After over a year of unsuccessful job search, in October 2019 I made the momentous decision to scrap my “professional” pursuits and instead put all my energy towards an encore career focused on the outdoors and camper vans. For the former, a first step was to gain employment at the local REI store. For the latter, I created Vancognition with hopes of eventually completing my own van conversion and/or monetize my vanlife research.

I live in the Boston North Shore area. You may contact me via email to Ray [at] The12thChapter [dot] com. I look forward to hearing from you.