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Customer Success Manager roles now on my radar

Since February I have sought employment in knowledge management, business analyst, and/or product owner roles. A few weeks ago, I added a fourth role to my targets, Custom Success Manager (CSM).

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The supply side

  1. My experience implementing call centers, albeit the modern custom success organization is so much more than just call / contact centers.
  2. My experience on the front-lines of research support, interacting with end-consumers — my tour as a modern-day corporate reference librarian.
  3. The desired blend of technical skills (my engineering background) and soft skills (my management, leadership, teaching background…plus my interest in psychology and anthropology).
  4. Recognition that knowledge management infrastructure is a key component supporting the customer success organization…and knowledge management is my strongest credential.
  5. The extent of the passion I feel for customers and for helping them succeed. For as long as I can remember, I have always emotionally aligned myself first-most with the end-user population — to the point of even being to my determinant for not sufficiently focusing on buyers and other proxies for the end-consumer.

The demand side

  • The high demand for customer success managers. Gainsight recently published a white paper that reported “Since 2015, CSM positions at a global scale have grown at a rate of 176.54% year over year. While CSM positions are most prevalent in the United States, positions are trending upward worldwide.” Further, my hometown, Boston is the second fastest growing “US Metropolitan Cities for CSMs”, behind New York City.
  • The increasing strategic importance of the customer success organization. Some have even suggested that Product Management should report to Customer Success.

The above introspection was prompted by a Customer Success Manager job description that unexpectedly appeared in one of my many Business Analyst job feeds. After reading the description I was sufficiently intrigued that I applied for the role. And, although that application hasn’t born fruit, my new-found passion for customer success continues on.

To bring myself up to speed I am now binge-listening to customer success podcasts. Refer to the recently added customer success section in my Mega Resource List to see the 24 shows I have identified so far.

What do you think? Does this addition to my targeting make sense? If so, I’d be happy to learn about any Boston area or remote CSM roles that I might otherwise miss.

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