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Continuous Improvement Frameworks – an inventory

SDCA, PDCA, PDSA, DMAIC, DMADV, Design Thinking, ODDA Loop, Build-Measure-Learn, and more. What do all of these have in common? They are all variations on continuous improvement, or at least iterative design, process frameworks.

For quite some time in my learning journey, I’ve been wanting to pull all these together in a single spreadsheet for comparison among the frameworks and to use as a quick reference guide. Today I created this spreadsheet (download as Microsoft Excel) to achieve that goal.

View of one quarter of the total spreadsheet

As I compiled the nineteen variations, it became clear that the process steps could all be abstracted to just three activities:

  • Sensing, which includes observing, empathizing, checking, measuring, verifying, testing, etc.
  • Thinking, which includes defining, analyzing, planning, evaluating, assessing, understanding, discovering, orienting, categorizing, deciding, etc.
  • Acting, which includes building, doing, using, standardizing, executing, implementing, prototyping, perfecting, responding, probing, sharing, and impacting, etc.

As always, I’m interested in any feedback — or your thoughts about what this all means now that I’ve completed this first go at synthesizing.

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