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Knowledge Management System mind-map

Prompted by my recommitment to the Knowledge Management discipline and an upcoming interview, I crafted a mind-map that describes a hypothetical Knowledge Management System (KMS). In addition to my own experience, I took inspiration primarily from APQC’s KM Framework and Stan Garfield’s KM Maturity Model and 100 Knowledge Management Specialties, 50 KM Components, and 50 Alternative Names for KM articles.

Previously I created a Knowledge-Sharing mind-map. There is some amount of overlap between the two mind-maps. At least half of the Knowledge-Sharing map is focused on the “why” and the current map focuses more on the “what” and “how”. Most of the components in the KMS mind-map are appropriate for any organization; however, not all the components would ever be implemented on day-one of any program. My hope is that, like the references above, this mind-map is useful as a conversation (and even debate) prompter when a KM program is either first conceived or significantly expanded.

Knowledge Management System (KMS) mind-map. Partial view.

Download as a PDF or an MS Word that includes a bulleted-list.

As always, I’d be delighted to receive any feedback or debate.

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