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The Mega Resource List

In my circuitous learning journey these past months I’ve discovered many books to add to my reading queue, podcasts to subscribe to, websites to visit, tools to consider, and more. The discovery process has been enjoyable; however, not always the most efficient.

[updated 21 March 2019] For others that share any of my many interests, I have published nearly 200 pages of resources in two volumes. I hope that they might accelerate your own learning.

Download resource volume #1, which is still actively evolving and covers Product Management, Design, UX, Customer/User Research, Business Analysis, Data Science, Data Visualization, Agile, Lean Six Sigma, MedTech, Life Sciences, Leadership and Management, Learning and Personal Mastery, Storytelling, Psychology, Journalism, Knowledge Management, Microsoft SharePoint and related tools, and other Software Tools supporting product management and UX.

Download resource volume #2, which is no longer being maintained and covers Manufacturing, CAD/CAM, Additive Manufacturing (3D printing), Robotics, Supply Chain and Logistics, Smart Cities and Energy Management, Architecture, The Internet of Things (IoT), and Augmented and Virtual Reality.

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